It is important to select an ADHD coach who has received training specifically related to the complexities of ADHD.


A trained ADHD coach:

  • Focuses on how ADHD manifests in your life, addressing both the positive and negative traits of ADHD.
  • Has specific knowledge related to the complexities of ADHD.
  • Sees you as a creative, resourceful and whole; ADHD is just one part of you. The coaching process allows you to identify very tangible changes that you want and need to make in your life.
  • Provides support, education, structure and accountability to help you reach your goals.
  • Helps you recognize, appreciate and most importantly, optimize your strengths, of which there are many. I am also quite familiar with the challenges and frustration that can come with ADHD: total overwhelm, poor time management, missed deadlines, lack of organization, inability to prioritize and strife-filled relationships are a few.
  • Has the knowledge of techniques that will enable you to: be more organized, increase your focus, manage your time, limit distractions and live more productively and harmoniously.
  • Supports you in the development of structures and strategies that work with the unique wiring of the ADHD brain.
  • Helps you move beyond “thinking” and INTO “doing.”
  • Invites you to reframe past ADHD experiences. This reframe can diminish self-blame and shame.


I have received both my basic and advanced training through the ADD Coach Academy. As a trained ADHD coach, I can help you create a fulfilling and meaningful life.