An ADHD coach has specific knowledge of the complexities of ADHD.  This knowledge allows a coach to recognize where and how ADHD is impacting a client and the significant people in his/her life.

Knowledge is empowering.  Education is an important feature of ADHD coaching. During the ADHD coaching partnership, I educate my clients about the unique wiring of the ADHD brain and the executive function skills (i.e. planning, prioritizing, and organizing) they find challenging. My clients feel more empowered when they learn how their brain operates. This knowledge allows my clients to implement structures and strategies that allow them to take control of their ADHD.

Establishing new, healthy habits and supportive behavior patterns, requires consistent focus and attention.  The consistency of coaching sessions, scheduled weekly, allows my clients to move forward to the goals they have set for themselves

Accountability, in relation to actionable steps my clients commit to take, helps to motivate them into action and supports them to strive for their personal best. I offer text and email support to all of my clients between coaching sessions. This support allows us to celebrate successes, identify obstacles, tweak strategies and check-in with regards to the actions that were identified to work on. With me, they have a dedicated person on their ADHD success team.