Scientific advances have provided us with increasing amounts of information regarding ADHD.

What is currently known about the ADHD brain is:

  1. In order for the executive functions to work at peak performance, the frontal cortex needs to be stimulated.
  2. This brain stimulation comes from “chemicals,” or neurotransmitters, moving rapidly in the brain. These neurotransmitters awakening the frontal cortex so that it can work at peak performance.
  3. Research has shown us that certain neurotransmitters are depleted in specific areas of the brain. When there is a depletion of neurotransmitters in the frontal cortex and related areas, the executive functions are not able to operate at peak performance, which can have significant implications across many environments and activities in a person’s life.
  4. The ADHD brain is wired to be stimulated and run most effectively when faced with things that an individual finds interesting and/or novel.
  5. The ADHD brain can actually shut down under pressure, heightened stress, too much clutter or too many distractions in the environment.
  6. ADHD is NOT a lack of motivation or willpower, but rather a challenge of momentum and interest.
  7. ADHD challenges are environmentally/situationally sensitive.

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