DIY Summer Project


A DIY project is a great way to build executive function skills while engaging in an area of interest. Students will begin to understand their strengths and how their brains best operate.

6 coaching sessions are 50 minutes each.  (DIY project materials are not included.)

Session 1: Parent Session – Learn how to be your child’s coach!
Sessions 2-6: Student Sessions – Project planning and doing!
Session 7: Bonus Group Call for Parents

Some project examples:

  • Create a cool study space with  your own personal touch.
  • Create a space for your pet
  • Outdoor bird feeders
  • Decorate part of your bedroom
  • Customize a pair of shoes
  • Make jewelry
  • Macramé: a variety of projects
  • Making fishing lures
  • Assemble models
  • Get creative – come up with your own DIY idea!