able adhd coaching for college students

Between school, homework, after school activities, family activities and maybe even a job, it often feels like it is hard to “fit it all in,” or “get it all done.” Your attention is being pulled in too many directions. Sometimes it is hard to pay attention at all. You might find yourself feeling overwhelmed, forgetting homework or other important tasks.


Does this sound like a day in the life of a high school or college student?

You are not alone. Many teens and young adults have difficulty balancing all the demands that are put on them. And while having ADHD is associated with many positive traits, you also know and experience some of the challenging traits every day. ADHD coaching can help you discover your strengths and create supports, structures and strategies so that you can be at the top of your game.

Some goals students have worked on in the past:

  • Developing an understanding of how ADHD is effecting their lives.
  • Learning about themselves; what is really important to them, strengths, learning styles.
  • Having better time and task management so work gets done.
  • Having better organization skills so that assignments are started, completed, and handed in on time.
  • Developing strategies to maintain focus in the classroom while reducing distractions.
  • Creating systems so that car keys, notebooks, cell phones and homework are easily found.
  • Prioritizing school and social responsibilities.

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Kristine Shiverick

Kristine received her ADHD coach training from the ADD Coach Academy (, the only ICF accredited coach training program dedicated to the field of ADHD coaching.

She continues to advance her knowledge and training by attending a variety of professional development opportunities. Her passion for learning about ADHD and helping individuals and families develop an understanding of the uniquely wired ADHD brain comes from a very personal place. Coaching is a natural progression from her B.A. in Severe Special Needs Education, a M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education and parenting a child with ADHD.

Through coaching, Kristine is able to provide resources to help individuals and families discover effective strategies, minimize the challenges of ADHD, build healthy and supportive habits, and live the life they want to live. A.B.L.E Coaching for ADHD, LLC provides A. Better. Life. Experience.
Kristine Shiverick

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