Coming Out of Hibernation to Discover What is Right About You

man-1207687_640Each winter finds us bundled under many layers of warm clothes, especially if you live in the northern parts of the Midwest.

Sometimes it is hard to see ourselves and others through all those protective layers. But then the spring thaw comes, not always like clockwork, and we seem to awaken in the warmth of the sunshine.

In my most recent blog, I wrote about “turning ADHD on its head” and looking for your strengths. Did you find any? If not, now is the time to take advantage of the warmer weather and pull back your protective covers, to unearth the many strengths that lie within you.

The unique wiring of the ADHD brain impacts the way ADHDers experience perceived failures and so-called shortcomings. These negative emotions tend to be stronger in an individual with ADHD.

These stronger emotions can devastate that individual. Despite the many positive outcomes and experiences an ADHDer may have, the negative results and feelings stick like Velcro, while the positive experiences and thoughts slip out of his/her memory like Teflon.

Rumination then grabs hold, and soon an ADHDer discovers that he/she is stuck in a negative loop.

What if we could break out of that cycle and celebrate what is right about us? What would be possible? As a trained life coach, I spend a great deal of time helping my clients understand their ADHD, discover their strengths and design ways to incorporate them into their everyday life.

It is a fact, that when we are able to focus on our strengths and incorporate them in our life, we feel a greater degree of life satisfaction and a greater sense of meaningfulness.

If you need help uncovering your strengths I encourage you to take advantage of the many strengths inventories that can be found online. The free VIA Character Strengths Inventory is one that will help you to celebrate what is right about you!

affirmations-441457_640Having trouble discovering your strengths and integrating them into your life?

Contact A.B.L.E Coaching for ADHD for a complimentary consultation by emailing Kristine at kshiverick @ableadhdcoaching .com or calling 715-575-1665.


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